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Natures Sway Baby Hammock
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Style Code: 25399

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Natures Sway Baby Hammock. In New Zealand's original hanging hammock bed your baby sleeps on their back in a chemical free environment with good airflow and heat regulation. The suspension is moderated by a specially designed steel spring which provides the type of movement babies are used to in-utero and by being carried. The superior comfort provided by the hammock’s cocoon-like environment and c-curve minimises pressure on your baby’s developing spine and nerve pathways. This baby bed ensures even support instead of an uneven weight concentration on baby’s head, shoulders and pelvis, which can develop into structural problems such as plagiocephaly (flat-head syndrome) in some cases. The slightly raised position of the head and shoulders is helpful to prevent reflux.

The natural New Zealand wool mattress draws moisture away from the body providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Our mattress has sufficient length to ensure that there is a padding to protect your baby’s delicate fontanelle, while the combination of baby’s weight and the curves of the bed make it extremely difficult for a new born to roll over once they are placed on their back. The swivel snap-hook will ensure that any twisting tension is naturally absorbed while our wooden spreader bar, held in place by cotton ties, keeps the fabric apart. Correct placement maximises the triangular proportions of the hammock and ensures adequate airflow. Our steel spring has an internal safety strap for 100% peace of mind. The baby hammock supports babies up to 15 kg (33 lbs).

-Naturally soothes baby with its gentle bounce and cocoon-like design
-Free from chemical dyes or bleach
-Made from double boiled, pre-washed cotton calico
-Pure New Zealand wool mattress
-Keeps baby safely on their back with even, continuous support for their spine

Code: 25399

Delivery & Returns


Samples of all the metal parts have been strength tested on a 58 tonne computerised testing bed calibrated by Australian Calibrating Services. All parts have a minimum working weight of 75Kg and a breaking weight of no less than 200Kg. All springs have been fitted with a secure length of nylon webbing allowing a maximum stretch of 30cm. The recommended maximum safe weight is 15Kg which is equivalent to the average 2 year old (according to the NZ Department of Health growth chart)

What you get

-1 x Calico cotton blend hammock with D-ring
-1 x Natural wool mattress
-1 x Spring + cover and safety strap
-1 x Wooden beam
-1 x Brushed cotton knit fitted sheet
-1 x Carry bag
-2 x Coach-eye ceiling screws
-1 x .05m (19.6") stainless steel chain
-2 x Karabiner clips
-1 x Door Clamp
-1 x Instruction booklet


Washing Instructions:

Machine wash on a normal cycle. Can be tumble dried. Hot iron.

Take the opening D-ring off and wash with the stainless steel ring still attached and moving freely. Machine wash on normal cycle. Do not tumble dry. For best results: iron when wet (directly after final spin) and hang to dry with the ring at top centre. Once fabric is fully dry, ensure the hammock is centred and reattach D-ring.

Wool Mattress
Gently hand-wash only, using with special wool detergent in lukewarm water (20˚). Do not wring, gently roll in a towel to remove excess water. Lie flat to dry outside or in a warm cupboard. Do not tumble dry. Use a cool iron.



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