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Edinburgh Roadstar Convertible Car Seat Black
Colour: Black
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Medela Calma Solitaire
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Style Code: 98307

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The Medela Calma Teat is similar as with breastfeeding, your baby can drink, pause and breathe in its natural rhythm, create its individual vacuum through a combination of tongue and jaw movements, retain its natural way of sucking, which allows an easy transition from breastfeeding to feeding breastmilk with the Medela Calma Teat and back to the breast.

-Ideal for breastfeeding mothers who do not want bottle feeding to interfere with breastfeeding
-Innovative Calma teat allows baby‘s natural feeding behaviour will be maintained
-Enables easy transition from breast to teat and back again
-Babies can suck, swallow and breathe, as learned on the breast-Milk will not flow unless a vacuum is created and milk flow stops when baby relaxes to pause and breathe
-One teat size – no need for separate flow teats at different ages
-Teat is compatible with regular Medela bottles and other standard neck size brand bottles including Ameda-Easy to assemble and clean-BPA Free

Code: 98307

Delivery & Returns

What you get

1 x Calma Solitaire Teat
1 x Lid
1 x Protective Cap.

Note: Bottle is not included. If a bottle is required, please purchase the Medela Calma with 150ml Bottle or use with your existing Medela bottles.


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