Baby factory offers clothing from the time your baby is born right up to when they are ready to start school. With our baby range we start from an extra small prem (000000) and up to a size 2 in selected styles, which means we should have something that will fit your child no matter how big or small they are. Our fabrics made in natural fibres mean our clothing is soft and comfortable to wear and depending on the season we also offer clothing in 100% Merino Wool, 100% Organic Cotton or Bamboo blends which will be perfect for any hypersensitive babies. Our styles, prints and fits mean clothing is functional, easy to wear and fashionable too. Not only do we offer basic baby styles but we also do a range of fashion items too for any baby fashionistas.

Is your child telling you what they want to wear? If so then we have the perfect range for any fussy kid. With eye catching colours and prints, they can mix and match any styles they choose and the best part is that it is all very affordable, so how can you say no? We have kept in mind the fact that kids are super busy and super active so we have concentrated on the fits of the garments to allow for easy movement and durability. With us keeping a close eye on current trends means fashion conscious mums and dads will be happy to buy or receive clothing bought from us without the high price tag.

Not only does the Baby factory offer a vast range of outerwear but we also supply underwear items, hair accessories, swimwear and hats to name a few – so please make Baby factory your first choice when shopping for clothing.

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