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Do you know the SECRET of the tags?

What are Taggies™?

Taggies was born when a mom noticed her child’s fascination with satin tags. Her observation blossomed into a world of favorite and beloved products. Rubbing Taggies soft, textured tags can provide the tactile stimulation that all babies crave for development while having an amazing calming effect on babies of all ages.

Just ask any Taggies mom and she’ll tell you too!

Why Tags?

Babies are inherently attracted to tags. They crave sensory experiences from birth because they learn primarily through their senses. Stimulating the senses sets the stage for learning as well as physical, emotional, and social development, so it's vital that parents satisfy that need. Taggies adorable satin tags don’t just look cute – they satisfy the need for tactile stimulation.

Child Development author and expert, Jackie Silberg, on Exploring texture with infants: “Babies need a variety of tactile experiences to become familiar with their world. An infant spends the majority of his first year of life learning through these tactile experiences. Babies need touching experiences to “grow” the brain and “grow” the body. It is as critical as nutrients and vitamins. Exploring texture is something that babies love to do. You can use silky cloth, materials that are fuzzy, smooth, and furry.” – Jackie Silberg, Child Development Author and Expert

“My son absolutely LOVES sleeping with his Taggies blanket. If he wakes in the night and can’t feel his Taggies, he will fuss, but as soon as I pull it near him so he can run the tags through his fingers – he falls right back to sleep. Taggies is our complete baby obsession and our immediate go-to item for baby showers. Hands down… I am in LOVE with Taggies.” – Shannon B., New York on Facebook

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