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Nuk Nipple Shield 2 Pack Medium
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Style Code: 106119

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Nuk Nipple Shield 2 Pack Medium. Breast is best for your child, because breast milk contains everything, which his body needs in those first few months to grow and to build up a healthy immune system. But even the most natural thing in the world can have its problems – for example, if your nipples become irritated, sore or particularly sensitive. NUK has developed nipple shields, which protect the nipples during breastfeeding, just for these sorts of problems.
Features:-Innovative triangular design, allowing skin contact between you and your child-Made from ultra-fine, smooth silicone for a natural feel-Softly studded on the inside to gently stimulate your milk flow-Complete with protective case for hygienic storage and transport-Medium 20mm dia
Code: 106119

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