Playing with the spinning top has a long tradition and goes back to the Middle Age. At that time the spinning top was to throw or to whip and out of wood. It was always a game for children.
The original form of the spinning top is a wooden cone rotating on a cusp which was propelled by a whip. Since 1880 you can find the entry of Lorenz Bolz as production of handpressed zinc spinning tops in the royally Bavarian Trade Register.
In the Middle Franconian city Zirndorf the so-called cord spinning top found its home. In the year 1880 Lorenz Bolz had the idea to equip the spinning body on the top with a swivelling hand grip. The child only had to pull the cord bound around the spinning body to activate the rotation of the top. In the year 1913 the first drill top entered the market, also an invention of the company Bolz. The first generation of the still popular spinning tops was born. This invention was registered in the Imperial Patent Office.
The spinning tops of the company Bolz have been developed further and in the year 1937 they succeeded in eliciting a scale up to 20 tones from a spinning top – the birth of the choral spinning top.
More than a hundred years after the foundation of the company Bolz the spinning top has never lost its fascination. The Bolz spinning top is still a popular article for children to play. Whether as humming top out of tin with traditional motives or as music spinning top with the famous train, the spinning top still let children’s hearts beat faster.

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